About Dr. Vrushali Dahikar

Dr. Vrushali Dahikar is a Dietitian who has been practicing in Mumbai since 2016. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator. She is equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda and a Master’s degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management. She is a strong believer of a healthy lifestyle.

Sanskrit shloka “ हिताशी स्यान्मिताशी स्यात्कालभोजी जितेंद्रीय: ” has greatly inspired her professional journey and is the guiding principle of her practice. The shloka translates to ‘right food at the right time in right quantity nourishes the mind, soul and body.’

As a Consulting Dietitian and Nutritionist, she is attached to Ruby Hospital in Jogeshwari West, Mumbai and Diagno Lounge in Goregaon West, Mumbai. Coming from Ayurveda background, she is well-trained in the human physiology and capable of taking care of special needs of people with medical conditions.

She strongly endorses traditional local food that is nutritious, interesting and acceptable. She doesn’t believe that one size fits all; therefore she doesn’t have any pre-printed diet plans. Keeping in mind an individual’s personal and social food habits as well as customs, she advises a diet that is easy to follow, forever. She also truly believes in a holistic approach towards food, that’s why she calls it “Everyday Nutrition” and not a mere diet.

She provides special diet plans that are customized to suit her client’s temporary diet requirement for Ramadan, Navratri, Shrawan or Chaturmas, etc. During these holy days people want to fast in order to detoxify their system, attain a satvik diet regimen or to experience an emotional state of penance. Dr. Vrushali creates a special diet plan to aid such fasting periods in such a way that it ensures a balance of the body’s hydration, nutrition and energy levels.

Dr. Vrushali gives her clients healthy food options that are easy to cook in their kitchen. She guarantees 100% success to her clients if they follow her customized diet plan very diligently. She avoids fancy food item in her prescribed diet plan, which would require extra efforts, money and energy to procure. This is one of the strongest factors behind her 300 plus success stories. She also ensures that the diet plans don’t become irrelevant after the achievement of the dietary goals. As she bases her practice on the principles of a holistic living, she prescribes a sustainable diet and nutrition plan which her clients can follow universally and throughout their lifetime.

Dr Vrushali’s hour-long consultation focuses on healthy lifestyle. She knows it very well that despite putting efforts, time and energy, if the clients have a wrong lifestyle then they will not achieve the desired results. Therefore, she makes it a point to understand all aspects about their lifestyle and daily routine. She suggests necessary changes that they need to adapt in order to achieve their goals within the targeted timeframe and accordingly chalks out a customized daily schedule that includes discipline in terms of diet, water intake, exercise, sleep as well as state of mind. Her diet and lifestyle modifications stay with her clients for their lives.

She has many repeat clients whose goalpost has shifted according to their life conditions, i.e… some client wanted to lose weight 3 years back, now wants to gain weight and vice versa. Such repeat clientele speaks volumes about the number of successful transformation and her pull amongst her clients.