Weight Management Diet Plans

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Proper balanced diet along with exercise and lifestyle management is the key for healthy weight loss. Crash diets and diet fads may lead to long term health problems or rebound weight gain leading to frustration. A loss of as little as 5-10% of the original body weight by obese person results in significant improvement of health and helps in reducing risk factors associated with obesity. The weight loss programme by Everyday Nutrition discourages the unhealthy practice of starving. Instead it endorses consumption of right food, at right time and in the right quantity accompanied by immense dedication from your side. This package helps you to practice eating balanced and healthy low-calorie food. It aims at relieving your cravings, boosting your metabolism and keeping you fuller for longer times. Though it aims at reduced calorie intake and weight loss, Everyday Nutrition ensures to make you feel light and energetic all day long. Expected weight loss : 3-5 Kgs every month (Results may vary in case-to-case basis)

Weight Gain Diet Plan

Being extremely thin can lead to inferiority complex and hit one’s self-confidence level. Such physique could be the result of poor selection of food, irregular eating habits or some underlying medical problems. One can put on weight in a healthy manner and replace the body fat with lean muscles under a trained nutritionist. Dr. Vrushali’s expertise play an important role in creating a systematic weight gain plan through counted calorie intake along with right food and emotional counselling and encouragement. She creates a right balance of protein and carbohydrates in your nutrition plan which helps in healthy weight gain without significant increase in body fat.

Weight Maintenance Diet Plan

Your diet goals should not end after achieving the targeted healthy weight loss or weight gain. After achieving your healthy weight goal, you should aim to maintain it forever. Dr. Vrushali’s easy-to-follow diet with plethora of food options help you maintain your ideal weight and keep the weight woes away.