Special Diet Plans

Diet Plan for kids & teenagers

Good nutrition is vital for children of all ages to ensure optimal growth and development and to minimise risks of chronic conditions later in life. A child’s requirements of energy, vitamins and minerals change according to differing developmental stages. Hence, a guided professional approach to your child’s nutrition requirement is essential.

Premarital Weight Loss Diet Plan

Looking fabulous on your wedding day is the most desired aspect of the marriage for every bride and a groom. But if excess weight is playing a spoilt-sport in your plan to look a million bucks on your D Day then Dr. Vrushali’s premarital weight loss plan is something that you should consider seriously. Her special diet plan for such brides and grooms helps them not only to lose weight but it also ensures that their energy meter remains charged for the hectic shopping sprees.

Pregnancy & Lactation Diet Plan

From the initial stages of pregnancy, unprecedented changes occur in the body functioning of a woman. These changes demand more calories and nutrients. It requires qualitative and quantitative modifications in the meal pattern. A healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy also helps to minimize nausea and constipation. Similarly, lactation also demands better nutrition for mother as it influences composition and quantity of milk. In fact whatever you eat during pregnancy and lactation, affects your and your baby’s health.

Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Diet Plan

While motherhood is one of the most desired and cherished phase of a women’s life, many dread the post-pregnancy weight gain that follows the delivery of the child. Dr. Vrushali has special diet and nutrition counselling for such women. She creates a diet chart which helps them loose their post-pregnancy body fat naturally, while ensuring that the breastfeeding baby’s nutrition requirements are taken care of. Hence, lactating mothers can be rest assured that this diet plan is not going to hinder with their baby’s nutrition needs.

Navratri/Chaturmas /Ramzan Diet Plan

People from all the religions observe religious fasting for spiritual purposes like purification of body and mind, satvik attainment, penance, etc. But as a result of present-day lifestyle, erratic dietary practices are unwillingly adopted during fasting. In a healthy individual, fasting generally doesn’t have any adverse effects on the health. However, if undisciplined fasting is continued for long periods then it can cause dehydration, imbalance of electrolytes, imbalance of blood sugar and may greatly affect your health. Dr. Vrushali creates a special diet plan to aid such fasting periods in such a way that it ensures a balance of the body’s hydration, nutrition and energy levels.