Testimonial 9

Dear Dr Vrushali I walked into your clinic with bundles of problems (Diabetes, Hypertension, Acidity, Hepatomegaly and so on). Life was really miserable. You welcomed me with a warm smile. Your smile and encouraging words gave me support. By God’s grace and your knowledge, I started my new journey in life. Today after a period of two months when I look at myself, I feel overjoyed. Things have changed as I no longer am the old Sabina. My sugar level is getting back to normal. I feel energetic. I no longer feel pain in my stomach and moreover I have started fitting in my old clothes. My family feels good when they look at me. I thank God for giving me, you as my Dietitian. May God bless you abundantly and may many more people like me experience goodness in their life through you. Thank you & God bless you.